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Spotify growth peaking at 2.5 million subscribers

Spotify are positioning themselves in a strong position, after a somewhat rocky start, three years ago. Claims have been made that they were struggling to convert users from free ‘advertising funded' services into fully paying subscribers. There have also been some complaints made from artists and record labels over the payment system for media.

They have announced however that their growth has been positive recently, claiming a massive increase of 500,000 people in the space of two short months and a million people since March this year. The reason for the growth, according to the Financial Times has been directed to Facebook who have a relationship now with the company.

“Spotify was one of Facebook’s key launch partners for its “open graph” in September. The link enables a real-time feed of users’ Spotify listening to be shared with their Facebook friends, allowing it and other media services to tap the strong viral effects of the social network’s 800m members.”

Other sources claim that the growth could be tied into other markets, such as partnerships with mobile phone providers.

“Since September Spotify has launched in Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, after July’s long-awaited US debut to make the service available in 12 countries. Partnerships with telecoms operators including Virgin Media, Teliaand KPN , which offer extended trials or discounted subscriptions to their customers as part of a broadband package, are also likely to improve Spotify’s conversion rate.”

Kitguru says: Healthy growth figures.

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