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OCZ leaving Ram behind to focus on SSD

OCZ has shocked the industry by announcing that they are leaving the RAM market behind to concentrate on the SSD sector, which is the source of much profit for the company.

OCZ only make 22 percent of their overall profits from memory in the third financial quarter.

Ryan Petersen, CEO for OCZ said “We have focused on building the OEM and enterprise segments of our business, and last month we announced a mass production order from a Tier-1 OEM for our enterprise-class SSDs, reflecting the reliability, speed and total cost of ownership solid state drives provide over traditional mechanical hard drives.

‘We believe the market opportunity for SSDs is significant, and to that end, we will continue to invest in research and development to extend our leadership position, and we also plan to increase our sales and marketing efforts in order to facilitate continued revenue growth and increased market share as SSDs gain adoption in all segments.’

This movement is said to be completed by the end of February although stock will still be available with some retailers afterwards.

It is an exciting move for the company and time will tell if it was the right one.

KitGuru says: Will you miss OCZ memory ? Let us know.

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