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Corsair markets RGB RAM modules without any memory

It seems that almost every memory manufacturer has its own RGB offering these days, although prices set a pretty high barrier for entry if users want to spruce up their rig. Corsair has now come up with a temporary solution for those with extra DIMM slots spare, putting dummy RAM on the market clag with the same RGB lighting found on its Vengeance RGB Pro models.

Dubbed the Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kit, Corsair’s new sticks don’t actually house any memory at all, bringing the price down to a much more affordable £40/$40 for two modules. Of course, these have no practical use in a system, but help to occupy free DIMM slots while giving the PC a much needed aesthetic overhaul via 10 addressable RGB LEDs in each.

Gigabyte did a similar thing back in June, introducing two dummy sticks into its 2x8GB Aorus RGB DDR4-3200 offering. This completed a set of four RGB modules, while only charging the user fully for two. Corsair still seems to be the first to sell kits standalone, potentially fitting in any rig that has space regardless of the brand of chosen memory.

The Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kit comes in both black and white, requiring Corsair’s CUE software to fully customise the lighting. While mixing and matching brands is entirely possible with no actual memory involved, that does mean that users are likely to build up a collection of software they have to utilise in order for the full effect. As mentioned above, Corsair's new kit is prices at £40 in the UK and $40 in the US.

Overall, this is likely to begin a new trend among manufacturers, being a surprise to no one if more decided to jump on board.

KitGuru Says: I’ve had two empty slots for as long as I can remember, and have been put off buying RGB memory due to the sheer price on the market at the moment. These new standalone sticks certainly grab my attention, and make for good stocking fillers at this time of year. What do you think of memory-less RGB RAM?

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