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Kingston goes head to head with AData

In highly competitive world of modern computing, it's strange how often the smaller battles can mirror the larger ones. While over at GamesCom 2011, KitGuru spies sent back some interesting pics. When they were compared to the pics from Multiplay's i43 at the Telford International Centre, something unusually competitive was spotted. These shoots will no doubt be raising questions.

When the all hallowed iSuppli released its May 2010 report, quite a few industry pundits were surprised that AData was now the world's second largest supplier of DRAM modules. Mostly these chappies do production for other brands. We could tell you which ones, but would then need to shoot you. For certain, if you have ever bought a product with a certain kind of Memory Stick or maybe Duo, then you have already been a customer for AData.

The Asus booth at GamesCom 2011 had multiple areas - including a comfortable tablet zone and notebook simulators

The huge Intel-powered Asus stand at GamesCom had many different areas. Demonstrations of driving games, running on notebooks at high frame rates as well as much welcomed drop-in pods with a selection of tablets on show. But the real performance area showed off the very latest in hardware advances inside glass enclosures. How were they powered – and how did that change by Multiplay i43 ?

Asus had AData inside at GamesCom, but there was an invasion of little red men by i43


KitGuru says: Asus is one of the world's biggest technology manufacturers and always be sourcing from multiple vendors, but it is interesting to see the war fighting backward and forward. What is next? We will keep watch and see if the micro-cosmic war mirrors the fortunes of the real world.

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