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You can mount LEGOs on the new Galax Gamer RGB DDR5 memory modules

Like many other memory manufacturers, Galax announced its upcoming DDR5 memory modules. However, in Galax's case, their modules differ a bit from the others, as they are compatible with LEGO bricks, which should allow users to do some crazy things with them.

In what seems like a great move to garner some LEGO fans to its side, Galax is launching a set of DDR5 modules that allows you to mount LEGOs on top. Galax had already done something similar with its RTX 30 series cards and now is pushing the same idea into its memory line-up.

This opens up some interesting avenues for system customisation and modding. You could build a unique structure, or go all out and do something like this or this. You could also keep things simple and mount a small figure in your system.

According to Expreview, the Galax Gamer RGB DDR5 modules will come in blue or red. For now, only 2x16GB memory kits clocked at 4800MHz will be available, but 2x8GB and 2x32GB kits will come later. Overclocked kits, pricing and availability details are still to be confirmed.

KitGuru says: Are you a fan of LEGO? How would you use the Galax Gamer RGB DDR5 memory modules?

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