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Kingston RED increases pressure on small memory companies

In the same way that you don't want to be selling cola against Coke or hamburgers against McDonald's, selling memory against Kingston is a tough business. From today, life for smaller memory companies just got harder. A lot harder. KitGuru checks high street pricing to see what kind of impact Kingston RED modules are likely to have.

For enthusiasts that demand peak performance, Kingston has the HyperX range. The latest edition to that line-up is the Predator, which is presently being torture tested in the KitGuru Labs (results expected shortly). For those working to a budget, there are a load of options that the market terms ‘Major on 3rd'. That's when a famous brand of memory, for example Toshiba, will be assembled onto a PCB from a 3rd party. Major on 3rd has been the mainstay of affordable system builds for a long, long time.

But now it seems that Kingston wants a big piece of that pie.

According to the company's press release, the RED memory range is a permanent addition to Kingston's line up. It has been designed for entry-level gaming systems, system builders that want to work with fully branded memory and cost-conscious enthusiasts.

It is available as 1333MHz or 1600MHz in 4GB or 8GB kits.

“HyperX red was a tremendous success when it was launched earlier this year as a limited edition product,” said Ann Keefe, Regional Director UK & Ireland. “We decided to make it a permanent part of the HyperX family because demand was so great. The vivid colour, fast speeds and excellent value make it perfect for any system, especially red, gray and black schemed motherboards”.

Ann Keefe is proud to announce Kingston's latest memory range, RED

KitGuru says: With a lifetime warranty and low pricing, this will certainly put the cat among the pigeons at the low end. Also, this kind of company can put powerful marketing into the new range – guaranteeing mind-share. The added bonus for Kingston is that moving into the increasingly popular budget end of the market, could actually help it grow overall.

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