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TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB 32GB 6400MHz Review

Rating: 8.0.

With availability of DDR5 memory having improved substantially over the past few months, you can now actually buy a high-speed and alluring kit from your chosen vendor. In this review, we are examining the latest TeamGroup offering – that is the T-Force Delta RGB set of memory that comes in black or white form and with varied specifications. The specific set that we have is white-coloured and operates at 6400MHz CL40 for its two 16GB modules.

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TeamGroup’s specs for the T-Force Delta RGB kit we have here are impressive. This is a DDR5 kit running at 6400MHz XMP 3.0 frequency, it’s a dual-channel 2x16GB 32GB set modules, and timings are 40-40-40-84 at 1.35V.

The set uses SK Hynix ICs according to CPU-Z, but unfortunately we can’t tell the exact IC model details as Thaiphoon Burner doesn’t seem to like our Z690 and DDR5 test system.

For reference, the actual model code of this kit is: FF4D532G6400HC40BDC01. You also get a thermal sensor to monitor module temperatures in software.

In terms of styling, TeamGroup has gone for a clean, angular aesthetic. We get an angled heatspreader that can be coloured black or white – white in our case. There’s plenty of writing on the side of the modules highlighting the product name, and the jet-black PCB that is barely visible underneath offers an appealing contrast.

I would describe the module design as sensible and reasonably unobtrusive for a modern, high-speed, RGB kit.

At around 46-47mm tall at the peak, module height is not unreasonable. It is very inefficient though, with the modules being taller towards the edges than the centre, thus potentially inhibiting CPU cooler installation abilities or VRM heatsinks on motherboards.

LED lighting is handled by several RGB zones on top of the Delta RGB DDR5 modules. This light then disperses through a plastic diffuser bar for a smooth and graduated colour gradient.

I think that TeamGroup does a good job with the RGB lighting’s visual appearance. The brightness is a clear strength and the fact that the diffuser bar is visible from the side (not just above the heatspreader) will appeal to many.

In terms of RGB management, you will use motherboard vendor software for control and synchronisation to match other components.

Pricing of the TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB 32GB 6400MHz CL40 kit is extremely high in the UK at £449.99 on Overclockers UK. This is very expensive for a 2x16GB set of DDR5 memory, and that is particularly true when 6000-6200MHz sets even from the likes over Corsair are almost £200 cheaper for Vengeance and even £100 less for Dominator.

In the US, TeamGroup’s pricing is far more reasonable at $349.99 USD on Amazon, though this could be a temporary price decrease from $440 USD. This is comparable to the likes of G.SKILL Trident Z5 at the same rated frequency and the price bump versus 6200MHz DDR5 kits isn’t as difficult to stomach.

So, TeamGroup is notably more expensive for its 6400MHz set of DDR5 in the UK. But 6.4GHz memory is inherently expensive and difficult to come by this side of the pond. If you really want that speed bump versus 6200MHz alternatives, for example, then you’re going to have to pay up for it!

  • Model Number: FF4D532G6400HC40BDC01
  • Capacity: 32GB (2x 16GB)
  • Rated Frequency: DDR5-6400MHz
  • Rated Timings: 40-40-40-84
  • Voltage: 1.35V XMP 3.0

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