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Computex 2018: Corsair talks us through new SF PSUs and Vengeance Pro RGB memory

Today at Computex we had the chance to catch up with Corsair and get all of the details on the new SF and Vengeance series power supplies, in addition to new Vengeance RGB Pro memory.

Starting off with power supplies, Corsair is introducing a new range of small form factor PSUs. These are true SF-X in size and not SF-L, which are larger and more difficult to fit into smaller cases. These new units come with capacitors fresh out of Japan, ensuring a high quality build, they are also rated for 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. These new PSUs are cooled by a 92mm fan and not an 80mm one, which you'll often find in smaller units. In the box, you get some individually sleeved cables, and an ATX bracket for compatibility with larger cases too.

The new Corsair SF PSU series won't be replacing the old units. Instead, these newer supplies will be hitting the market at a premium and sold alongside the older ones. You will get a seven year warranty out of it though.

There is also a new Vengeance power supply heading our way this year. Corsair currently do one Vengeance PSU in Germany, which is 80 Plus Bronze. The new Vengeance units will be hitting the rest of Europe and the US this year with a few upgrades. A Corsair rep told us that some extra optimisations were made to bring things up to 80 Plus Silver efficiency, Japanese capacitors are now included, and you'll get a rail switch so users can switch between single and multi-rail for power delivery.

Corsair's new Vengeance RGB Pro memory will be rolling out this year and replacing the current lineup of Vengeance RGB kits. These newer dims get the upgrade to dynamic multi-zone lighting powered by 10 bright RGB LEDs, rather than the 5 LEDs found on older kits.

The actual memory dies used on these new Pro kits will mostly be the same as before, with parts sourced from SK-Hynix, Micron and Samsung. However, if you are picking up a 3333MHz kit or higher, then chances are it will be using Samsung chips.

A lot of the focus here is on the RGB lighting, the PCB for the Vengeance Pro was designed in house and extensively tested to ensure quality on the performance and lighting side, while reducing negative factors like electrical noise. The lights on the Pro can be synchronised with other Corsair products via the iCue software, and you can set specific colours/effects per RAM slot to mix things up a bit.

The Vengeance Pro RGB RAM kits will be rolling out soon and while they will be replacing the older kits, pricing won't be exactly the same. We were told to expect ‘similar' pricing, but our understanding of it is that there will be a slight markup.

KitGuru Says: Not the most exciting set of product launches, but all good information for enthusiasts nonetheless.

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