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ADATA DDR3 1600 Gaming Series 12GB (X58) Memory Kit Review

Rating: 9.0.

Sandybridge has been dominating the press for many months, delivering high levels of performance for the mainstream enthusiast audience. Until the end of the year however, X58 still remains the best choice for designers, 3d rendering artists and wealthy gamers. Today we are looking at a new high density 12GB memory kit from Kingston which should sate the appetites of the high end professional user and hardcore gamer.

This high density 12GB kit is split into three 4GB sticks, meaning that a potential of 24GB is on tap for an X58 owner. Not so long ago this kit would have cost close to £1,000, but ADATA are managing to hit a £140 price point inc vat in the UK.

While the pricing right now is great, there is a good possibility in the next couple of months that memory costs as a whole will be increased, due to the Japanese disaster. The time has never been better to order a new kit of memory for your system build.

Today we are putting the ADATA 12GB Gaming series memory through a variety of tests, but we are also going to highlight how professional oriented applications such as Adobe Photoshop can be positively impacted with such a high memory count.

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