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ADATA DDR3 1600 Gaming Series 12GB (X58) Memory Kit Review

Rating: 9.0.

Sandybridge has been dominating the press for many months, delivering high levels of performance for the mainstream enthusiast audience. Until the end of the year however, X58 still remains the best choice for designers, 3d rendering artists and wealthy gamers. Today we are looking at a new high density 12GB memory kit from Kingston which should sate the appetites of the high end professional user and hardcore gamer.

This high density 12GB kit is split into three 4GB sticks, meaning that a potential of 24GB is on tap for an X58 owner. Not so long ago this kit would have cost close to £1,000, but ADATA are managing to hit a £140 price point inc vat in the UK.

While the pricing right now is great, there is a good possibility in the next couple of months that memory costs as a whole will be increased, due to the Japanese disaster. The time has never been better to order a new kit of memory for your system build.

Today we are putting the ADATA 12GB Gaming series memory through a variety of tests, but we are also going to highlight how professional oriented applications such as Adobe Photoshop can be positively impacted with such a high memory count.

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  • Raymond

    Nice memory kit. i remember paying £150 for 2GB of ram years ago. its crazy atm.

  • Henry

    if only I could afford an X58 system, they offer quite poor value for money, but for rendering and stuff, only wayt to go

  • Rufus

    I bought a 4GB kit a few months ago when I saw a review here on data. they seem like a company destined to go places.

  • Optix

    12GB kits are really cheap right now. hard to imagine anyone buying an X58 opting for a 6GB config. why bother? 12gb will be needed soon enough I reckon

  • Jerry Henx

    ADATA aren’t new to people who think they are, been going for many years now. UK market hasn’t been their forte. THey make products for other companies.

  • K0rn

    Their 1600mhz 8GB for P67 is great, I got it. have it oc’d to 1950mhz 🙂

  • Francis

    I like the fact they aren’t offering massively oversized spreaders on these, I hate seeing those now as they block so many good coolers. Does this kit work with D14 though?

  • harrington

    They work with D14, but you need to force them slightly under some of the fins. its possible, but its difficult tog et them out in the case once its all fitted. not that most people will need to do this.

  • Ion Buster

    Whats the UK warranty like? I had patriot memory die on me recently and I got the cold shoulder, meaning I want coverage now. ADATA are basically unknown here, i want to know more about them before spending money.

  • Quentin

    No offense, but who the fuck are ADATA ?

  • Bandit

    Ordered the sapphier pure black X58 and went to order this, and cuoldnt find it anywhere on stock. ending up going with Corsair 12GB.

    ADATA need to sort out stock, ive went to buy a few things going on reviews here and I can never find anything in the UK. Isn’t Kitguru a UK site ? sort it out with them, really. its frustrating.

  • Jon

    Spent an hour last night trying to find this. no where stocks it, even in europe.

    Pointless review. I suggest you only review ADATA goods that we can buy.

  • Nick

    Zardon. ive a tip for you.

    ask ADATA if they actually sell the stuff you review.

    its the whole point of reviews. not so you can just play about with new things. No buy links, no confirmed prices, no availability.

    im interested in the adata products Kitguru reviwe, but ive yet to find anything in the UK, apart from the power supply, which I might buy.

    They are useless. unless these reviews are made for chinese people.

  • JohnH

    Hello All,
    Let me first say sorry to any of you who have searched for this (or any other ADATA product) and failed to find it in the UK.

    Even though ADATA is on the go 10 years, we are relatively new to the UK and our distributor and e-tailer network for the Gaming and Enthusiast market is only now starting to take shape.

    From next week, several of our XPG devices will be available on yoyotech.co.uk and later this month we will launch on amazon.co.uk. After that I am hopeful we will also add most of the other key UK e-tail sites within the next month or so.

    Finally, and as an act of contrition, I am going to provide Kitguru with 5 kits of ADATA XPG memory (including the 12GB reviewed here) to give away to his loyal readers.


  • JohnH

    No offence taken Quentin ( – ;

    Believe it or not ADATA is the world’s #2 module maker, behind only Kingston. Our memory revenues last year were $1.4bn, which make us much bigger than OCZ, Corsair and Patriot combined.

    That said I know exactly what you’re saying because regardless of our size, ADATA’s standing and awareness in the Gaming and Enthusiast market in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe) is sadly lacking right now.

    However we are working hard on this and I expect you will begin to see a lot more of ADATA in the UK press, both in terms of reviews, general coverage, and as mentioned our the previous post – availability. We have some really good products coming out over the next few weeks including our new 6Gb/s SSD.

    Give us a try!


  • JohnH

    Ion Buster. You should have no concerns with us.

    ADATA providers a lifetime warranty on all our memory products. If you ever have any issue you just return it to the authorised provider you purchased it from for a replacement.