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G.Skill TridentX 8GB 2400mhz Memory Review (Z77 platform)

G.Skill package the TridentX memory inside a touch blister pack as shown above. The memory is predominately black with red accenting.

The back of the packaging explains that the memory is designed for extreme overclockers and PC enthusiasts. It also highlights a welcome lifetime warranty.

Inside, is a sticker which can be adhered to your case, if you like to showcase manufacturer components.

The G.Skill TridentX memory is protected underneath a black heatspreader and along the top is a red ‘ridge’ which protrudes a little above the PCB.

For those people concerned about fitting issues with oversized CPU coolers, it is worth pointing out that this top section of the headspreader can be removed.

Simply remove two screws and slide along for removal. It is a nice touch, but we aren’t sure this red section is actually necessary at all.

The memory is shipped with a ‘F3-2400C10D-8GTX’ branding along the top of the sticker. The timings are 10-12-12-31 @ 1.65v for 2,400mhz operation. These are 4GB sticks, for a total of 8GB in Dual channel.

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  • Peter

    G.Skill rock. bought two memory kits from them recently and I got my ripsjawz to 2133mhz from 1600mhz. amazing company

  • Brian

    Love the company too, however. 2,400mhz memory hasn’t got me yet. I think 1,600mhz is fine for almost everyone. apart from the mad overclockers or people making money from rendering/encoding.

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  • javier

    I have better results…