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Asrock launches world’s first Windows 8 certified AMD mainboard

One month after Asrock captured the hearts and minds with the world’s first Windows 8 main board for Intel processors, it’s now looking to double up with a fist entry into the AMD space. In the aftermath of AMD’s less than stellar financials report for Q2, surely there must be some celebration down in Austin around this announcement. KitGuru pulls up the specs and considers bulldozing as an option.

Jeff Hong is one of the Asrock army of marketing gurus. His communication about the new launch is all very excited, “Not only focusing on developing the most advanced hardware technology, ASRock also keen on bringing the latest software applications to PC users. ASRock is a pioneer in Window 8 logo submission offering our customers the earliest possible chance to experience Windows 8 in a fully certified AMD environment”

He also got very excited about how this shows that Asrock is now a primary choice and no longer a ‘second best’ alternative. certification aside, you’d have to say that part is true – based only on KitGuru Labs testing of Asrock boards over the past 12 months.

Not letting up for an instant, Jeff continues, “Nothing is catching the market’s attention quite like the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows  8 and we’re delighted to announce the world’s first, fully certified AMD chipset board, the ASRock’s A55M-DGS”.

It’s nice to see someone who’s that enthusiastic working in this jaded marked of ours.

KitGuru says: We have a long memory here at KitGuru. If you go back more than 10 years, ATi was always banging on about being the company of inflection. That whenever there was a huge sea-change in the market, it expected to pull ahead. AMD boards may not have been first out of the gate for Windows 8, but the new OS launch does give the Intel-competitor something to bite into for 2012/13.

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