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Intel B3 Sandy Bridge boards – 1st week in March

Having suffered its worst mis-step in a very long time, Intel has been working hard to recover the situation. Noise coming out of Taiwan is that things are now very much on track for a re-launch. KitGuru puts its ear to the ground and counts the horses.

It took only a minor fault in Cougar Point to make Intel stutter.

If it had been the fast part of the controller, you might have understood. As it turned out, it was one of the slowest, smallest, least significant bits of technology that caused the chip giant to grind to a halt.

Every engineer on the Sandy Bridge team has been forced to get commemorative tattoos. That's what we heard.

New into KitGuru this morning is that the revised Sandy Bridge chipsets – which everyone seems to be calling B3 – are very much on schedule.

While the CeBIT technology show is running its course in Hannover, Germany, during the first week in March – press and customer samples of the B3 versions of the Sandy Bridge mainboards will be winging their way around the world.

It’s even possible that some might be on show at the event itself. But maybe not on say one.

Scientists studying the pace at which Intel has been able to deliver a fix, believe that the chipset design team was driven using some very primative sounds. Interesting theory.

KitGuru Says: Quite remarkable how fast Intel has turned this around. Also remarkable is how much demand has remained for the existing, slightly wobbly, chipsets. Even when distributors like Ingram say “You can buy these Sandy Bridge boards – but there is no warranty”, they have still been selling through. Bizarre.

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