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Corsair TX 850W V2 Power Supply review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru loved the Corsair AX series of power supplies, their class leading efficiency and attention to detail earned them our highest awards. Today we are looking at an update to their more affordable TX series. The TX V2 range is designed for enthusiasts who need a high quality power supply but who don’t need modular cables that can be disconnected from the main unit.

The original TX series won many awards worldwide and Corsair hope that this updated range will be just as successful. The new range includes high specification components such as 105c Japanese capacitors, a quality 140mm fan and solid load regulation.

The new TX V2 power supplies also offer increased energy efficiency, rated 80 Plus Bronze with ErP compliancy. Corsair have also spent time reducing the noise levels when compared directly to the original TX series.

For peace of mind, Corsair are also giving a 5 year warranty with this new range. This latest TX V2 850W power supply delivers a whopping 70 AMP via a single +12 Rail (840w) so it caters for the most demanding graphics cards on the market.

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  • Tim

    Its no wonder they get such a good reputation in this sector. everyone wants their PSU designs.

  • Roger

    Very nice, as always. Id still like the pro unit for the modular cables. my systems end up a mess with non modular and there really only are so many ways you can route cables. especially this many.

  • k0Rn

    My next power supply for the sandybridge system im creating in april 🙂

  • Hank

    I agree with the conclusion £100 is always my limit. anything more and it seems overkill. Id like an SLI system, and I think an 850w is an ideal futureproof size.

  • Thomas

    Ill be ordering this myself.

  • Joe Forth

    I love their products, always buy them when I can. all my friends are the same.

  • Victor

    I still think 850W is overkill for most people, even if they dont know it. but nice unit, no doubt about that.

  • Forehead

    I dont think I could live with a non modular supply anymore. So much mess in a case. I wont go back, even if it costs 20 quid more.

  • Seth

    I think im the only person in the world who has had a problem with Corsair power supplies.

    My last motherboard wouldnt start up from a cold boot with a Corsair unit, I had to get an enermax to solve it.