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Asus on the Rampage – 3rd time in a row

Enthusiasts have been waiting for Asus to deliver the Rampage III board to retail stores in the UK for a long time. Product finally landed on the shelves this weekend, so how well did it sell?  KitGuru investigated.

The price of the Rampage III is enough to buy a netbook and have enough change for a return flight to Europe. It isn’t cheap. With USB3, SATA6, Voltage Probes, Thermal Probes, OC Station header and all the USB headers you can eat, the Rampage III is what car dealers call ‘fully loaded’.

With that price and featureset combination, Asus are aiming at a tiny fraction of the PC market. Normal economics would question the logic of creating such a precise specification at such a high price, but Asus is a smart operation and not prone to mistakes. So what can we say about sales of the Rampage III board ?

Stores that KitGuru spoke with said it was a ‘complete sell out’. Product arrived Friday and was put on the shelves for Saturday morning. By mid-day it was sold out. ‘Nuff said.

KitGuru says: Just goes to show that even in the depths of a recession, there is still a TON of money out there for the right product. Around the £320 mark in the UK, this board is absolutely amazing. To include a ‘recover from LN2 freezing’ feature, shows you just how special this board is. All the time Asus’ engineering team have spent on this monster seems to have paid off. Alongside the Crosshair IV, Asus has really drawn a line in the performance sand.

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