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Gigabyte attacks Asus on Intel mainboard pricing

Word from the channel has reached KitGuru that Gigabyte is keen to increase its share of the Intel mainboard space for 2010, and it’s prepared to get aggressive on price to make it happen.

Gigabyte is one of the only mainboard manufacturers that’s able to stand toe to toe with Asus.  In December 2006, Asus’ solution to that competition problem was to form a new company, but the union did not last long. Asus came out of the partnership very quickly and around the Core i7 launch, the P6T mainboard owned the high end space.

Over the past 18 months, Gigabyte has been running its R&D teams at maximum speed, 24×7 and the results have been impressive. But having solid engineering is just half the picture, especially with the global economy being as fragile as it is. Right now, Gigabyte’s sales enforcers seem to have been told ‘Take no prisoners. Do whatever you need to do, just make sure you get the deal’.
KitGuru says: Competition in the mainboard space is a great thing. It should be noted that Gigabyte is as weak in the AMD space as it is strong in the Intel market. We welcome this move by Gigabyte. Let’s hope these discounts filter through to the enthusiasts sooner rather than later.

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