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Be quiet! shows how its PSUs are made

Be quiet!, a leading producer of power supply units, cooling systems and other similar devices, has decided to show its customers how its products are made in a bid to demonstrate why its quality is higher compared to that of its rivals.


Manufacturing of microprocessors and computer memory requires state-of-the-art facilities and fabrication technologies that cost billions of dollars to develop. Production of advanced mobile devices like smartphones or tablets is also a very complex process. Many believe that making things like mainboards or power supply units is easy, but it is not, in fact, it involves quite complex production process and rigorous quality checks.


As it appears, although PSUs are partly made using automated surface-mount technology machines, they require many components, assemblies and cables that cannot easily be applied by a machine. In fact, every power supply unit spends a lot of time on to the manual production line. Workers mount heavy components like coils, preassembled components such as separate circuit board sub-assemblies and heavier heatsinks on the PCB. Cables and other things are also attached and installed manually. The final assembly is performed by people, not machines.


After each production step, every be quiet! PSU is inspected by specialists, providing a consistently high level of quality. Quality control procedure begins with an optical inspection of the automatically assembled boards. However, there are many quality control steps for every PSU, many of which involve test of functionality.


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