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Enermax showcase Digi-Fanless 550W PSU @ Cebit

While the PC section of CeBIT is much smaller this year, some stands are noticeably bigger than last year. One of the highest increases is on the Enermax stand. KitGuru checks to see if the delivery matches the advertising.

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Pride of place, in the centre of the stand, is a neat white system running 3DMark on continuous loop. Because the stand is still being built, it’s not so obvious what the ‘cool thing’ is, until it’s pointed out.

Fortunately, we had our old friend Benjamin Schafer on hand to guide us. When he’s not organising huge stands at exhibitions, Benjamin is Enermax’s marking guru. With a huge grin, he opened the side panel to reveal a Digi-Fanless 550w PSU. It has the ‘Digi’ prefix because it is digital.

On its own, that’s quite interesting, but when you step back and see what it’s powering – that’s when you realise why Benjamin is so happy. This is a full blown PC, with a power-hungry 8-core AMD FX processor and a pair (yep – 2) of GTX 770 cards churning away on a benchmark.

Detailed specifications, price and local availability to follow.

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KitGuru says: We were not told how much past 600w Enermax expect this PSU to go, but it’s clear from the neat monitoring software provided that it has room to spare, even with a dual-GPU rig.

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