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Computex 2023: Seasonic pushes towards new markets

At Computex 2023, we had the chance to catch up with Seasonic to see what's new from the world-renowned power supply maker. 

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The first thing we noticed at Seasonic's booth this year was the vast array of power supplies, mainly focusing on new ATX 3.0 units hitting Gold, Platinum and Titanium efficiency levels. However, Seasonic's biggest moves are happening behind the scenes. Recently, Seasonic has partnered with Nvidia to supply PSUs for new networking and datacenter hardware, an increasing area of focus for tech companies as the AI gold rush picks up steam. Seasonic is also exploring the medical-tech field and has begun supplying PSUs for medical machinery.

In recent years, Seasonic has made a push into the case market, but there are no new Syncro series cases to be found this year. However, we do see new Mag Flow fans, which would look very nice in any build. These fans can connect via magnets, making them easy to daisy chain and set up in a case. Some cheaper Seasonic case fans are also on the way for those who would rather save some money and skip over features like RGB lighting and magnets.

We see a guest appearance from a startup company known as eBlaztr at the Seasonic booth this year. Their new case ships with a Seasonic SFX power supply. Seasonic has also teamed up with a new company called Eicoen, which uses smart-home plug monitors that can track your electricity usage. Eicoen then takes that information and gives you the breakdown of your electricity usage. Given the rise in energy prices we've seen over the last year, eco-initiatives like this are bound to get more attention.

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