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FSP launches Slim 330W fanless external power supply

The need for high-wattage external power supplies has been increasing in recent years, primarily in business. These external power supplies need to factor in a number of additional features, including high stability, efficiency, low noise and ease of replacement. FSP has the answer for those customers, thanks to the company's new slim 330W fanless external PSU.

FSP has been making power supplies for many years now, we've even reviewed some of the full-sized desktop models here. This time, FSP's attention is turning towards the external PSU market with the Ultra-Slim 330W fanless adaptor, which measures in at just 27mm tall.

The enclosure in use here is designed to reduce noise and is labelled as being dust proof, so complications shouldn't arise later down the line due to particle build-up. As you would expect, additional safety features are also built in, including over current, over temperature and over voltage protection.

This series of external PSUs has already met the IEC 62368-1 safety specification, so it is ready too go for audio, video, information and communication equipment. These will be available through the FSP website shortly.

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