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Super Flower launches Leadex III Gold Series PSU

Super Flower is revamping its power supply line-up this year with the new Leadex III Gold Series, improving on the design, packing premium Japanese capacitors and a new three-tier adaptive cooling system to keep temperatures in check.

The Leadex III comes fitted with a 135mm fan with a ‘fluid dynamic bearing’ that helps keep noise levels down. In order to further reduce noise while maintaining cooling performance, Super Flower has come up with a three-tier adaptive cooling system, including two semi-passive ECO modes. At ECO 0, the fan will run when temperatures are above 62 degrees and then lower RPM once temperatures fall below 53 degrees. The ECO 1 tier will kick the fan in when temperatures reach over 48 degrees and will drop RPM once temperatures are back below 33 degrees.

As the name suggests, the Leadex III Gold series does carry an 80PLUS Gold efficiency rating, guaranteeing power efficiency of 90/92/89 percent at loads of 20/50/100 percent. This level of efficiency is achieved through an LLC resonance conversion and DC-DC downward conversion for the +3/-3 and +5 volt rails. If needed, the entire rated power can be called up as +12 Volt, combined with low residual ripple. In all, this makes the Super Flower Leadex III well suited for demanding, power hungry builds and overclocking projects.

As you would expect from a high-end PSU, Japanese capacitors are used to ensure protection against various faults and a long life-span. Other safety features are also in place, including over and undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload/overheat/overcurrent protection etc. If a major issue occurs, the Leadex III will automatically switch off to protect the rest of your system from damage. The PSU is also backed by a seven year warranty.

The Super Flower Leadex III Gold series is available in 550W, 650W, 750W and 850W options with prices starting at £79.99 from Overclockers UK.

KitGuru Says: Super Flower has been making decent power supplies for years now. Do any of you happen to use a Super Flower PSU? Would you consider one for your next build?

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