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ADATA HM Series 1200W Power Supply Review

The ADATA range of power supplies has not had much promotion or focus within the UK market, but we have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of output and the solid design by Channel Well.

Initial impressions are good, after all the subtle and deep paintwork is resilient to scratches and markings and will suit any system build. The modular cabling is excellent quality and the chassis itself is colour coded with labeling to ensure that even inexperienced system builders have a pain free system build.

Technically, there is little to fault, load regulation is healthy and the unit coped with our Cross loading tests with relative ease. Efficiency results also confirm strong 80 Plus Bronze certification and the ripple results are very positive, well within rated parameters.

The selection of high quality Yate Loon D14BH-12 fan ensures that internal chassis temperatures are well maintained, even in less than ideal conditions. It isn’t the quietest supply we have tested but it has many strengths which ensure that it is a high value for money purchase.

While the Corsair AX1200W is still our ultimate choice for a 1200W power supply, the fact that it is 80 Plus Gold Certified means that you will pay a premium – £230 makes a considerable dent in your bank balance. The ADATA HM 1200W power supply is currently available for £150 inc vat from Ebuyer. At this price it really would be our first choice and offers up the benefits of a 1200W, quality PSU to a wider audience.


  • Price point is fantastic
  • great scratch resistant paintwork
  • attractive, understated design
  • internal component selection is good
  • sleeved cables
  • modular cabling which is well coded
  • storage pouch is a nice extra


  • Can get loud if you load it hard

KitGuru says: For £150 this is pretty much our PSU bargain of the year, so far.

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Rating: 9.0.

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