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Antec Earthwatts EA 650W green Review

Rating: 8.5.

Antec have a wide range of quality products in their portfolio, and their power supplies have always been big sellers. They are updating their mainstream ‘value for money’ EarthWatts range with two new models, a 650W and a 750W power supply. Today we are looking at the 650W model, with the 750W review to come very shortly.

The EarthWatts 650W is supplied without a power cable, because Antec see these units as ‘upgrade’ models. Antec have came under fire for not supplying the power cable but after speaking with them, they feel that people already have plenty of cables and this is an unnecessary extra. I think there is also a ‘mother earth’ angle to it, but I don’t really understand how the removal of a power cable would help anything, so ill just move on.

So what’s new? Well Antec are still using Delta as their OEM but they are now 80 Plus Bronze Certified. The new units are ‘green’ and they have received some performance improvements. The 750W also has a larger cooling fan, but more on that in the next review.

Earthwatts 650W overview:

  • 650 Watts of continuous power
  • Nvidia SLI certified, ATI CrossFireX certified
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified – up to 88% efficient
  • Two +12V rails
  • Up to 100% power available on +12 rails
  • Quiet 120mm fan
  • ATX 12V version 2.3 and EPS12V version 2.91 compliant
  • Active PFC with PF: 0.99
  • MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • Meets 2010 EUP requirement: 5Vsb < 1W
  • Safety: cUL, TUV, CE, CB, FCC, C-TICK, CCC, BSMI, Gost-R

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  • Dotith

    Seems like a decent product. pricing is briliant. ideal for a second machine. I dont see the big deal about the cable missing. not sure how thats helping the earth? but yeah ive loads of spares./

  • Jarranst

    Nothing wrong with Delta designs, ive had a few older antec psus with them in them, still working like troopers.

  • Kanned H3at

    65 bucks is great. might check it out on newegg later.

  • Oliver

    cant be bad at the price. i think id rather have the ADATA one at 10 more for the modular support. I cant deal with all those cables anymore hanging around the case. also im surprised these arent sleeved. seems a bit penny pinching.

  • Terrance Gallid

    I wont buy antec again I had one blow up on me last year. took out my motherboard too 🙁

  • 082938212

    Too cheap for me, I want a 80 plus gold from corsair, but I guess for cheapo kids it fine.

  • Haggard

    I dont know why people complaing about PSUS in some threads. ive had enermax, antec and ocz, and I never have a problem. I must be lucky.

    I like this one, but ill wait on 750w review, 650w wont give me much room to upgrade this year. my old ocz is still hanging in there, but Id like a 200W+ increase

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  • Vtkacy@Gmail.com

    WHY don’t STATE input Voltage…????!! What’s goin on…? Where are the input voltages…?? 110 VAC – 230 VAC ….???? Who are you “kitguru” amateurs..?? 🙁

  • David Gagné

    what is normal fan speed of this power supply?