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Athena Power 350W FlexATX Power Supply Review (AP-MFATX35)

The Athena Power 350W FlexATX is supplied in a plain, small white box with blue accenting. There are brief specifications listed on the front and a sticker top left which highlights the power output.

There is no bundle, just a power cable and the supply itself.

The unit is built to the demands of this specific audience. Basically as bare bones in appearance as you will get. There is a small 40mm fan on the rear, next to the power connector.

ATX Connector
24 (20+4) Pin
4 Pin
6 Pin
15 Pin
4 Pin
4 Pin

The combined power of the 3.3V+5V output is 120Watt, and the +12V1 and 12V2 output can handle 11A each.

The Active PFC internal design is clean with high grade 105c rated components used in the design. There are several heatsinks in key positions, and these have sensors attached to help ensure the 40mm fan delivers enough air flow.

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