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Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro BQT P9-550W Review (80 Plus Gold)

Rating: 8.0.

Be Quiet! are well known in enthusiast circles, they combine quality German engineering with an attractively designed range of products. Today we are looking at their latest ‘P9' version of the Dark Power Pro 550W, a supply that will suit a wide audience of enthusiast user, especially those seeking an almost silent design.

The Dark Power range of power supplies has been evolving over the years and the latest incarnation is a modular design with 80 Plus Gold Certification.

As this is a Be Quiet! product there is a focus on reducing noise as much as possible with the inclusion of a patented SilentWings fan, specially developed by the company to optimise air flow control.

Product overview:

  • For high-res gaming, professional graphics
  • For stable high-end multi-GPU applications
  • 12V mulit-single rail operation, overclocking
  • Cable management
  • Extremely quiet running
  • Top efficiency (80 PLUS Gold)

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  1. My friend has an older version and its silent too. great for a silent system build. rather costly though and hard to get here. (import needed)

  2. While it looks bad on some of the test, most people wouldn’t even notice the technical things mentioned in this review. looks like a great supply and almost silent. id buy it. I have an old OCZ PSU and it drives me nuts. Only negative is the 125 asking price. £90 would be acceptable IMO. time to trawl the net.

  3. I bought some of their fans for my media server months ago. forget Noctua, these are the best out there.

  4. the plastic casing is bizarre. seems over elaborate for a PSU in places. especially the plastic hooks to lock them into place.

  5. Very expensive for what you get.