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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 1200W PSU Review

Rating: 9.5.

Today we are looking at the latest BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 1200W power supply, designed to target the ultra high end enthusiast audience with sophisticated SLI and Crossfire systems. We already reviewed the 850W model in the same range, so it will be interesting to see if the 1200W model can maintain the high quality we now expect.

The Dark Power Pro 10 1200W is a modular, 80 Plus Gold certified design designed for gamers who need as much power as possible for their ultra high end system build.

BeQuiet! are actually classified as the best selling manufacturer of power supplies in Germany, six years running, according to market data from GfK. The company have a simple policy – they focus on creating products which emit the minimum amount of noise. The latest ’10’ designs use a new power conversion topology which delivers 80 Plus Platinum and Gold certification, currently the highest standard for efficiency.

All these supplies are ErP 2013 ready meaning the standby power drain should be below 0.3 watts.

The company have released six Dark Pro 10 power supplies rated between 550 Watts and 1200 Watts. The 850W, 1000W are 80 Plus Platinum certified. The other supplies in the range are 80 Plus Gold Certified.

The new 10 range of power supplies also feature an ‘overclocking switch’ which allows the user to change between a single and quad rail configuration. BeQuiet! are using a large 135mm SilentWings 2 fan in the new range. This is a custom made fluid dynamic bearing model with a 300,000 hour lifespan.

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  • Brian

    MEGA – that looks great too. slightly out of my price league, but the SLI hardcore gamers with watercooling kits etc will love this. cant believe you built a real world system which took over 900W! wicked.

  • Harry

    no stock in ARIA right now, had to get it from SCAN. thanks, good review.

  • Darth Diggler

    Its a hell of a showcase, but no one, i mean no one needs one of these. 1000W is the maximum anyone could need. as shown on the closing page.

  • Davis

    @ Diggler, actually you need to look into the point that a power supply maximum efficiency is around 50 percent load. so if your system hits around 600-700w, then this is ideal. if you can afford the extra cost.

  • James

    overkill. but yea, impressive.

    Seasonic make their own dont they? I think I saw their 1200W on scan recently too. must be the same, right?

  • Neith

    Another excellent power supply from bequiet. good review, thanks.

  • Glyph

    @James The basic design will come from seasonic, but be-quiet will change it and adapt it to their needs. So you could say that they are similar, but not identical. I favor be-quiet over seasonic, because they expand the basic build from seasonic and combine it with additional features. I tried to think about, which PSU to take, enermax, seasonic or be-quiet, and now I’m pretty sure that it will be the be-quiet one.

  • james cochrane

    I have used youre psu in build’s in the past.Would love to have one in my build.