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Cooler Master V Series 1000W PSU Review

The fan is a Protechnic MGA12512XF-O25. This is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing model which has a much longer life cycle compared to ball bearing units. They also tend to produce less noise. Off to a good start.
As we mentioned earlier in the review, this is a Seasonic OEM design based around the KM3 platform. The primary side uses full bridge topology with a LLC resonant converter. The secondary side uses synchronous rectification along with DC-DC converters which produce the minor rails.

Soldering quality throughout this design is exceptional.
The design has a sealed PCB to improve EMI interference behind the AC receptacle. The transient filtering stage components include a single X cap, a CM choke and four Y caps. There are other transient filtering components on the main PCB, an MOV, two CM chokes and two pairs of Y and X caps. Each of the GBJ 1506’s are used a bridge rectifiers and can handle 30A combined.
The design uses a Champion CM6901 LLC resonant controller on a vertical PCB. There are fets here which regulate the +12V rail. Two heatsinks are placed to help cool down the fets. The Seasonic design uses some high grade Chemi-Con polymer caps for filtering the +12V rail. The VRMS that generate the minor rails are installed on the modular PCB. At the front of the PCB are a handful of polymer capacitors by Chemi-Con, and these are used to filter the DC outputs.
The two primary stage capacitors are supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con rated at 420V, 390uF @ 105c. Highest grade capacitors which should last a very long time.

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