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Corsair AX850 Power Supply Review

The packaging follows the same design ethic as the AX1200 we reviewed a few weeks ago – very artistic and ‘corporate' in appearance.

Internally it is sandwiched by a very substantial foam encasing with a felt bag wrapped around the PSU itself for protection against markings during shipping.

Above is a picture of all the cabling which is supplied in a handy little carrying bag.

Corsair also supply mounting screws and cable ties to help keep your system build neat and tidy.

Corsair AX850W PSU – connectivity
ATX 24 pin & 20 pin x1
EPS/ATX12V 8-4 Pin x2
6+2 pin PCI-E x4
Sata x12
4-Pin Peripheral/Molex x8
FDD x2

We have to mention the fact that Corsair appearing to be listening to public feedback and have removed the floppy drive connectors from the end of cabling chains. They give a little converter cable for people still using one. You could always get a USB floppy drive which saves a considerable amount of hassle if you ever need one.

The quality of sleeving is high throughout and the whole bundle falls in line with what we would expect from a Professional Series Corsair bundle.

The AX850 is designed in a similar fashion to the AX1200 unit. With a very muted appearance tying in with the ‘professional' naming convention well. There is a large 120mm fan taking centerstage and an AX850 sticker on one side of the PSU. The finish is deep and looks beautiful.

The weight is 2.85kg and it measures 15cmx16cmx8.6cm. The unit is completely modular with an array of connectivity on one side for the system build.

Model CMPSU-850AX
AC Input Rating
AC input 90-264V
Input Current 12A
Frequency 50/60hz
DC Output Rating
Max Load Max Output
+3.3V 25a 125w
+5V 25a
+12V 70a 840w
-12V 0.5A 6w
+5VSB 3.0A 15w
Total Power 850W @ 50c Ambient Temperature

We noticed that Corsair had not marked the connectors on the PSU body in the same manner as they did on the AX1200 unit – it shouldn't cause any confusion for a system builder mind you as its pretty obvious how they connect. The 24 pin power feed is directed into two feeds which are shown furthest left, top row and bottom row. The PCIe feeds take up the remaining three slots at the bottom. Sata and Molex power is fed from the five 6-pin power connectors top right.

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  1. These Corsair PSUs really are leading the way. Nice temperature results too. I used to read reviews with PSUs outputting over 50c.

  2. that is great. the pricing is good too £90 less than the 1200W.

  3. Corsair really do deliver such great products. this is an ideal next purchase for a buddy of mine who is building a high spec gaming rig with a GTX480 in it.

  4. Excellent review, seems to be a killer product all round. Price isnt bad considering. I know PCpower used to charge 300 quid for their 1200W and over 200 for a 850/900w

  5. Man this site is active, every day one or two reviews on it !

  6. The fan in that seems pretty much the best you could use. great job by Corsair and they deserve to be getting a good rep in this market. Box art is brilliant.!

  7. Well this is sweet. bit more than I like to pay, I got an enermax last year for 100, still working great 🙂

  8. Im really glad this unit came out. the AX1200 was a great showcase of technical ability, but it was so expensive, I think only people who have dual GTX480s would buy it.

    This seems much more valid for todays market, and while its 150, its ‘affordable’, If you think about it, this should last 3 years easy even with new hardware, so its a long term investment. I wish a video card I would buy now for 150 would still be a good option in 3 years..

  9. Yeah, always stuns me when people build a great gaming system then buy a no name 800w brand for 35 quid in their local store. Then bitch when the system crashes every 5 minutes.

  10. This is my next PSU, without question. should last me to 2014 🙂

  11. Gimmie some sugar

    Brilliant review. cross loading results are superb.

  12. Been waiting on this one for a bit now 🙂 hasnt disappointed.

  13. I need a new PSU, but do you think they will release one at £80 🙂 ?

  14. Excellent, most excellent. Now I just need to rob a bank.

  15. These designs are so efficient and its really setting them apart. Enermax should have an answer soon however.

  16. Corsair are having such a great year. them and MSI seem top of the field.

  17. 150 is out of my price point. normally. I might try and make an exception this time, funds permitting. I need something I can rely on to last me for years also

  18. Another kick ass product from the Corsair group. They really are pumping them out lately. efficiency is great.

  19. over 90 percent efficiency is impressive shit. Would save quite a bit of money with this over the year, Once I convince my wife that is why I need it however,

  20. Another top review KG. I think this is going to sell very well for corsair. I hope they bring out a 650W model and can get it under £100

  21. Seems this range is breaking all records in the PSU industry. How many more models are they going to make, or is it just two ?

  22. Excellent product from a company who seem to be really putting a lot of resources into delivering the best possible units to market.

  23. Very impressive testing results. much better value than the 1200 unit in the same family

  24. The hybrid fan feature is great as it should mean the psu fan stays silent when you’re not gaming or folding or something like that. More psus should do this!