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Corsair RM1200x Shift Series PSU Review

The RM1200x ships in a bright yellow box – a traditional colour scheme over the years from Corsair.

The rear of the box highlights some of the main selling points, including the zero RPM fan mode, the Gold efficiency and the ‘innovative side cable connectors'.

The Corsair micro-fit cables are high quality flat ‘ribbon' style with no cable caps on any of them. I can't help but feel they are a little bit disappointing after the quality of the softer, individually sleeved ones in the Seasonic Vertex GX1200 we reviewed on 8th March (HERE).

Corsair are keen to focus on their claim that the shifted position of the modular panel ensures that less strain will be placed on the cables.

Corsair's quote to us in a reviewer's guide:

  • “Reduced Strain on Cables: When cables are attached to connectors that are difficult to reach, it can be tempting to bend or twist them to make the connection. This can put strain on the cables and potentially damage them over time. With easily accessible connectors, cables can be attached without being subjected to unnecessary strain.

As a counter-argument to this, I actually feel that in a narrow width case there might be some strain placed on the side mounted connectors as they drive into the side panel of the chassis. I would love to see Corsair including uprated softer, individually sleeved cables with this power supply, like those seen in the Seasonic Vertex GX 1200 power supply. This would ensure less pressure would be placed against a side panel in a narrower chassis.

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