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Cougar GX 1050W Power Supply Review

The Cougar GX Fan (PLA14025S12M) is a seven blade design and is sourced from Power Logic. This is a Hydro Dynamic bearing unit (MTBF 150,000 hours) which is said to lower noise levels. Rated specifications, while not easily available online are said to be 100 CFM @ 1,800rpm. We will analyse this later in the review.

The Cougar GX PSU is a DC-to-DC design with synchronous rectifying. This is an HEC designed product.

The GX 1050W uses primary capacitors from Nippon Chemi Con, a popular choice. They are rated 420v, 390uF @ 105c. Secondary capacitors are sourced from Teapo. The rectifier bridge has a dedicated heatsink for added stability under load. There is full safety protection implemented (OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP & OTP). They claim that due to the CLC filter design that ripple suppression is very good.

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