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Cougar PowerX 550W PSU Review

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The metallic finish is certainly eye catching and you will either love, or hate it. I can’t say I am a big fan of the finish, but if you have a red or similar coloured case it would fit in well.

The unit failed our ‘screwdriver’ stress test, which involves running a Philip’s head driver down the side of the chassis with weak to modest pressure. How often have you accidentally hit a power supply with some tools during a system build phase? On a more positive note, it is quite resilient to fingerprints.
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The large fan resides behind a grill, which is all part of the outer chassis. The Cougar badge is presented proudly in the center of the unit. We will take a closer look at the fan later in the review, when we crack it open.
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As this is a non modular power supply all the cables are hardwired into the chassis.
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The Cougar company name is embossed into the side panels.
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One side of the power supply is vented to help ensure adequate air flow. Next to this panel is a power connector and switch.
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Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply
DC Output
+12V1 / +12V2
Max Output
28A / 22A
Total Power 120W 516W 3.6W 15W

We noticed the box (and Cougar website) said the +5V output was rated at 15A and the power supply sticker says 20A. The company clearly have some quality control issues to sort out.

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