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Cougar PowerX 550W PSU Review

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The fan has a Cougar logo on it, marked sleeve bearing with the product identification DFS122512M. This is actually a Young Lin Tech fan rated 12V, 0.23A, 2,000 rpm, 77.7CFM and with a maximum rated noise level of 32.95 dBa.
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The supply is made by Compucase/HEC as we would expect. It is a traditional design as the demands are not that high to achieve 80 Plus Bronze certification. The secondary side is using passive rectification and a group regulation system for rectification of the minor rails.
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Soldering quality isn’t wonderful with some joints looking a little half finished. If you want to look at this closer – we recommend you visit the super high resolution gallery later in the review.

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A small PCB sits behind the AC receptable which contains some of the transient filtering components. There are two Y caps, an X cap, a CM choke and a discharge IC. The main PCB is home to the remainder of the transient filter including another two Y caps, a single X cap and a CM choke.

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The power supply is proudly presented as using Japanese capacitors, but most of them are from TEAPO. Not a brand I rate very highly at all.

The primary capacitor is Japanese and is rated 85c 300uF and 400V. It is always disappointing not to see a 105C rated capacitor in this position. We have noticed in the past that sometimes Cougar seem to move between 105C and 85C rated capacitors in different batches within the same series. Hard to know what you are going to get at times from this company.

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