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Enermax Revolution 87+ 1000W Power Supply Review

The unit is finished with the excellent, durable anti scratch finish which Enermax regularly use. It is an attractive looking power supply, and very eye catching with the gold/yellow accenting.

Enermax are using a large 140mm fan with this unit … which is transparent, behind a black grill and company badge.

Arrows are embossed into the shell of the Revolution 87+ power supply, above the matching gold ‘Revolution87+’. The surface of the power supply is very durable, and under normal conditions will never mark or scratch. Fingerprints won’t be a problem either, for those users with a windowed case and lighting.

The rear of the power supply is vented for air flow. Close by is a power switch and socket.

The modular side of the power supply is very clearly labeled with colour coded connectors and descriptive text.

Enermax Revolution 87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)
DC Output
+12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4
Max Output
30A 30A 30A 30A
Max Combined 120W 996W (83A) 6W 15W

Combining all four +12V outputs gives a total of 83A. 30A from each of the four rails. A solid overall design.

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