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Fractal Design ION SFX GOLD 650G Review

Fractal are using a 120mm Fluid Dynamic bearing fan by Globe, model number S1201512HB – rated 0.45A, 12V. Its a pretty good quality fan and a good decision by Fractal.

Below a gallery of the insides of the power supply
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Fractal are using Seasonic as their OEM of choice for this power supply, and its based on the Seasonic SGX series. This is a half bridge topology design on the primary side – with an LLC resonant converter used to restrict switching losses. On the secondary side a synchronous rectification system is utilised for the +12V rail. Minor rails are produced by some DC-DC converters. These are populated on the same PCB.

Filtering caps are supplied by Japanese Manufacturers Chemi Con, Nichicon and Rubycon. The design uses a mixture of electrolytic caps and polymer caps. The primary hold up capacitor is Nichicon 105c rated – 400V 470uF.

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