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Fractal Design NEWTON R3 1000W PSU Review

Inside, the 135mm fan label has been replaced with another sticker featuring the Fractal company badge. We can not get any information on this sadly. There is a triangle shaped plastic, clear baffle which is to direct the air over a specific area of the internal layout. The fan is suspended with rubber screws to help lower vibrations and subsequently the noise levels.

The power supply is a ATNG OEM design. It is a very clean design with several rows of bronze coloured heatsinks separating the components. The primary side has a LLC converter to enhance efficiency and the secondary side is based around synchronous rectification. There are two DC-DC converters which produce the minor rails.

Soldering quality seems good throughout.

There is a small PCB behind the AC receptacle which comprises four Y caps, three X caps and a CM choke. The transient filtering continues to the main PCB in the shape of another CM choke and two X caps, two Y caps and an MOV.

The primary capacitors are dual Nippon Chemi Con rated 400v 270uF @ 105c. These are very high grade Japanese capacitors, always good to see in such a high power design and ideal for long term reliability. We noticed that ripple filtering was handled by some Nippon Chemi Con electrolytic and Teapo Capacitors. All secondary capacitors are rated to 105c.

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