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LEPA Gold 700 Power Supply Review (G700-MA)

It is rather fitting that the G700 box is accented with ‘gold’, to match the 80 Plus Certification.

Inside, the power supply is protected inside a clear plastic bag with the cabling stored in a separate box. There is a multi language user manual also included.

The bundle includes a region specific power cable, the user manual, fitting screws and the modular cabling.

The cables in the image above left are hardwired to the power supply – the 24 pin main power cable, a 4+4 pin CPU and a 8 pin CPU cable. The cables in the image above right are modular.

Above is a diagram which highlights the cabling on the Lepa Gold series of power supplies. The 700W model we are testing today has 8 SATA power connectors, 4 less than the flagship 900W model. The 700W and 900W models both have 8 Molex connectors. The 700W model has 4 x 6+2 pin PCI E power connectors. The 900W model has 2 additional PCI-E connectors.

The sleeved cabling is high quality, the main ATX cable measures 60 cm long and is slightly thicker than the other cables. The ATX12V connectors are 60cm long which means that cable routing in larger chassis will be easier. The PCI E cables are 50cm in length, which is adequate. SATA and Molex cables are 46cm long to the first connector, then 15cm between connectors after that.

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