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OCZ StealthXStream 2 600 W Power Supply Review

The fan of choice is a favourite with most power supply manufacturers lately, another 12 cm Yate Loon unit, which is a 12V 0.30A product.

A top down view of the internal structure of the OCZ power supply. This PSU is using two GBU606 rectifying bridges which are connected in parallel and to the same heatshink which is shared by the switching transistors.

These bridges can actually support up to 6A at 100c which in theory would mean that at 80 percent efficiency you should be able to get over 1,100W without any serious damage. If of course the rest of the components were up to the task, which they obviously aren’t. This PSU has a total of eight Schottky rectifiers which are attached to the secondary heatsink – all of these rectifiers are MBR3045CT designs which offer 30A maximum current. The older unit used a MBR2045CT combination of rectifiers which only delivered a maximum 20A of current for the 12V output. The power supply is feeding four seperate rails.

The Transient filtering stage can be seen in the picture above. The X and Y Capacitors which make up the second part of the filtering stage can also be seen in close proximity. The primary is controlled by a CM6800 active PFC/PWM combined circuitry panel. The outputs are monitored by a PS223 integrated circuit which supports both under voltage and over voltage protection. It also protects against over current and over temperature situations if they ever occured.

The StealthXStream 2 600W has two transistors in the active PFC circuit and the older one actually had three. This is based around two SPA20n60C3 mosfets and each of these is capable of handling 20.7A at 25c. The electrolytic capacitors available in the secondary unit are Teapo units with a maximum rating of 105C.

The cabling is sleeved well into the unit which is always good to see, this means no possible friction can occur on the bare wires as it enters the chassis. The internal design is clean throughout and the soldering is generally of a very high standard.

The heatsinks that OCZ are using are quite large for a supply with this power output and the relevant areas are shielded. We also noted slightly stronger SPA2060C3 Mofsets used in the switching section which are stronger than the original unit design (around 18A at 25c – they are now 20.7A).

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  1. I cant get over the price of this, that is very cheap. especially for such a well constructed unit/

  2. OCZ are onto another winner I see, the original unit was very good value as well, especially at the price. nice to see they improved this one and didnt mess it up.

  3. The addition of an 8 pin PCiE makes huge sense, it was what has been putting a friend of mine off buying one for a while, even though the price was right. glad to see they have maintained the good regulation throughout.

  4. This is an absolutely brilliant release from OCZ and while i adored the review of the corsair AW1200 on kitguru recently, that is as much as I would pay for a graphics card, or more! this is priced just right and will handle even a GTX480. love it, and stellar review again.

  5. Well color me impressed with this PSU, first review ive seen of it online, didnt know they even had a new range. Excellent product by the looks of it.

  6. what a great product at an even better price. I used to have an OCZ PSU, never had any problems with it either, would recommend them or corsair.

  7. This is really very hard to fault at such an incredible retail price. you dont get this kind of quality normally at such a low price. just shows you though how many people chase wattage figures when you dont really need it. 600-700w is more than enough for anyone today, unless they are into high end SLI or CFX

  8. I love kitgurus PSU reviews. so informative for both experienced and novice users. conclusion alone had me sold, shall hunt this out for my brother for his system soon.

  9. Very very solid product from OCZ and as everyone else has said, it is hard to fault for that price point. normally you end up with a fung wung no name easter make at £50.

  10. My PSU died last night! this looks to be a good shortlist option, as well as the slightly more expensive Thermaltake 750w reviewed here a few weeks ago.

    What do you guys think, 600W enough for futureproofing? might be a bit tight.

  11. Is that price right? that seems very good pricing from OCZ, they aren’t normally so cheap.

  12. Nice looking PSU too, isnt it? those enermax ones lately are like blinged out and look awful

  13. I had a b ad experience with a gamesstream unit years ago and I swear I will never touch OCZ again, it caught fire and starting smoking. I am sure this is good but once you get burned like that, you never go back.

  14. Great review, looks very competitively priced and performance is more than enough for anything today, apart from dual GFX configurations

  15. Great review, time for an order for my new system with a GTX460 in it 🙂

  16. Great review of this, I only found a few reviews online and both say its great/ OCZ have my money 🙂

  17. SO many wonderful products reviewed on this site, great the ‘crap filter’ for rubbish products means other sites get the tosh 🙂

  18. Found this site from google, cant imagine ive never seen it before, bookmarked!