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PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600W Power Supply Review

The Silencer MK III 600W has achieved the high standards we would expect from a PC Power & Cooling product, which in itself is no mean feat. The bright white appearance might not appeal to everyone, but there is something to be said for standing out in such a crowded market.

The modular design will appeal to those who are in the market for a clean system build. The internal design is also exemplary with a high level of attention to detail and we always like to see 105c rated Chemi Con capacitors incorporated into a design.

Noise suppression is fantastic … it is not often we record between 15 mW and 25 mV at maximum load across the full range of output. The power supply held load regulation well and cross load stability was not a problem. Efficiency is also without question, achieving almost 87 percent efficiency at 50 percent load, very impressive for an 80 Plus Bronze rated unit.

The only slight downside with the product is the 120mm ADDA fan, which I found could ramp up quite quickly when the load was 450W or higher. It wouldn't be an annoyance for many people as generally noise emissions are quite good, but if you need a system to run 500W+ on a regular basis and have a problem with noise, then we advise you to aim higher in the OCZ range.

Pricing in the United Kingdom is quite competitive, with OCUK taking preorders now for £76.99. If this is too rich for your blood, then check out their 500W and 400W models.


  • Exceptional build quality.
  • great load regulation.
  • superb efficiency.
  • Modular.


  • A bit loud at higher load.

Kitguru says: Another exceptional design from PC Power & Cooling.

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Rating: 9.0.

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  1. waiting for OCUK to get in stock. any ideas when that might be?

  2. Very impressive. They get some reptuation when you speak to people. Id want a 750W though for futureproofing. I bought a cheap £20 meter and my system demands around 480Watts at socket. if I add another card it will rise even more.

  3. White is different. I think NZXT do some units in white also, right?

    Good design, but I agree 600W is the only viable option for an enthusiast gamer now I think. single card only…..

  4. It actually shows how a very simple design, but using good quality parts can perform well. Sometimes the designers get carried away with the internal designs

  5. Great design, and reasonably priced for what you get. 600W is pretty much borderline IMO today, especially if you wanted to power a FX 8150 processor from AMD !

  6. I really dont like the white however, it would look terrible in my pure black windowed case. weird decision IMO

  7. OCUK got those now