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PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 750W Review

PC Power & Cooling are using a 140mm ‘B1402512H’ ball bearing Globe fan. This is rated to spin up to 2,000 rpm. We have seen this used in several other units in the last year.

This PFC design is very clean (Super Flower are the partner), with two long heatsinks separating the components. It is formed around a beefy single +12V rail.

This particular design is using high grade Japanese capacitors throughout both the primary and secondary stages. The main primary capacitor is a Nippon Chemi Con unit rated 400v 560uF 105c. Nippon Chemi Con capacitors also feature in the secondary stage. The metal modular connectors should also lower resistance.

The hardwired cables are sleeved well into the chassis and are tied firmly into place with a rubber cover surrounding the sleeving.

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  • Terrible Terrance

    Nice looking PSU, connector idea is good, didn’t hiper use those xlr style connectors before?

  • Tttt

    I think the white is cool, not many others do that paint work. I would think it might cost a lot when it hits here tho, going on US pricing.

  • Gilval

    Can you peel the black label off the side? I have one of the corsair 600T cases in white and I’ve been thinking about changing to a slightly more powerful and more efficient power supply for a while and this would look great in my case!!

    PS My current power supply is a hiper although its not a modular power supply the kettle lead has one of the xlr connections on it to enable a swap from UK to european style plugs