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Seasonic G Series 360W Power Supply Review

Seasonic are using an ADDA AD1212MB-A70GL fan. This is a ball bearing unit rated at 0.33A/12V.

The unit follows a very clean layout inside, with several rows of heatsinks separating the components.

The G360 is using a Japanese branded electrolytic capacitor from Hitachi, rated 270 µF x 420 V @ 105c.

The +5V and +3.3V outputs are delivered by two DC-DC converters. These are positioned on the single PCB in the secondary section of the layout. We noticed that Seasonic are using high grade Japanese capacitors in the secondary stage from Chemi-Con and Rubycon, also rated to 105C.

The cables are fully sleeved into the chassis and tied into position. This should help resolve any concerns with long term fraying.

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