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Seasonic G Series 360W Power Supply Review

The Seasonic G Series 360W Power Supply is yet again, another very capable design from one of the leading lights in this sector. There is no doubt that this specific unit is targeted at the educated enthusiast user who desires a high quality Gold certified design, without paying a small fortune for the privilege.

Aesthetically it is a simple, yet effective design. The paintwork is deep and the finishing is first rate, the cables are high quality and routed securely into the chassis. The design is very understated and will fit perfectly into a wide range of enthusiast system. It is also worth pointing out that there are enough cables included to satisfy the target audience.

Technically there is little to fault, load regulation is fantastic and it was able to handle a 450 watt load before shutting down safely. Noise suppression falls well within rated tolerance levels, although we have seen better from other Seasonic designs. At an asking price of under £50 however it is easy to make this particular point sound overly critical.

The biggest issue the company face is in educating the target audience. Almost everyone I speak with is certain that they need a 750W or 850W power supply, even when their system is probably demanding closer to 200 watts to 250 watts under load. I can only surmise that a large portion of the audience would balk at the ‘360W’ rating, and ignore this supply completely.

To stress the point of ‘overestimating power demand’ we can link you to a review we published earlier this week which focused around the Asus Maximus V Formula Z77 motherboard. On the power consumption page, the system demanded only 191 watts under 100% Cinebench R11.5 load. That system comprised a Core i7 3770k, overvolted and running at 4.8ghz, with 16GB of Corsair Dominator memory, running at 2,666mhz. There were also several drives in the mix, and a Corsair H100 liquid cooling the overclocked processor.

For a user with a modest, yet current generation graphics card this power supply would be surprisingly capable. Many power supplies in the £50 sector are also much less efficient than the G Series 360W, so there are many reasons for a purchase.

You can buy the Seasonic G Series 360W power supply directly from Overclockers in the UK for £46.99 inc vat. At this price it is a good value for money purchase.


  • Good price point.
  • High efficiency.
  • stable power  delivery.
  • can handle 450Watts.
  • quiet.


  • Not modular.
  • people will be put off by the ‘low’ wattage rating.

Kitguru says: Another great design from the Seasonic team, but they face a tough sell in such a competitive market. People often chase high wattage figures, rather than a quality design.

Rating: 8.5.

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  • Uriel

    I do have to say, this is a good design, but I cant see any enthusiast opting for a 360W power supply. it is a common misconception that we need 750W or higher. I bought a 20 quid power meter and my system takes 150W at the wall under load. ive a 550W in mine, its running at a very low efficiency load. with this power supply it would be almost 50% load, so peak.

    Its food for thought.

  • Eran

    Really interesting to see Seasonic aiming at this market. id like to see a review of the 550W or 650W too. coming?

  • Brian

    this is an ideal choice for my media center build. thanks.

  • do you sell these in Australia or much will the cost to be sent over they look awsome

  • Daren

    This is perfect for a typical system with a 2500k/3570k + 7850 or 650 ti. Would actually be better than using a higher wattage psu as it would peak at around 50 percent load when gaming.

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