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Seasonic Platinum 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

The Seasonic Platinum 1000W arrives in a box which is coloured to suit the 80 Plus Certification – in ‘Platinum'. There is a high resolution image of the product on the front, artistically presented.

The power supply is shipped protected inside sculpted foam with a user manual on top. The modular cables and accessories are shipped in a separate part of the box. The power supply is additionally protected inside a soft felt bag.

Seasonic supply the modular cables in a large, double sided pouch. They also include a case badge, branded cable ties and some screws.

This power supply is a fully (pure) modular design, so no cables are hardwired into the chassis.

Cable Connectors
MB 20+4 pin x1 (590mm)
CPU 4+4 pin x1 (650mm)
CPU 8 pin x1 (650mm)
PCI E 8 pin (6 pin +2) x2 (600mm)
SATA x9 (530mm+150mm+150mm)
SATA x2 (530mm+150mm)
MOLEX x6 (550mm+150mm+150mm)
MOLEX x2 (350mm+150mm)

All of the cables are high quality, sleeved (covered in black braided plastic mesh) and there are no shortage of PCIE cables (6+2 pin) for demanding Crossfire and SLI systems. There are a total of 11 SATA connectors, meaning this power supply is also ideal for a massive storage server system.

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