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Seasonic Platinum 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

Seasonic are using a San Ace 120 9s1212f404 fan. This is a Sanyo Denki unit which incorporates dual ball bearings.

The Platinum 1000W power supply is formed around the X Series design. The soldering quality throughout is excellent and the layout is clean with several row of thin heatsinks across the PCB. The +3.3V and +5V voltage regulators have been from the main PCB to a modular DC connector board which attaches to the front of the enclosure.

The design comprises two coils, two X caps, two Y caps and a MOV.

Seasonic are using Nippon Chemi Con capacitors throughout. The primary capacitors are 105c rated 420v 330uF. There is a tiny daughtercard in front of these which is home to a CM6901 PWM controller.

The secondary stage also uses Nippon Chemi Con capacitors, a mixture of solid polymer and electrolytic. They are using the highest grade components in this design which is reassuring at the cost. The VRM is controlled by a APW7159.

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  • Nathan

    Excellent unit. Seasonic are great, dont they make for XFX and a few others too?

  • Davisd

    Absolutely fantastic design, they are the best imo for quality

  • Ramon Zarat

    If only the very best is good enough for you, then look no further than Seasonic

    When it comes to power supply. You have very good power supply and then you have Seasonic power supply. I own a X560 Gold unit powering a 2500K @ 4.7Ghz and a GTX670 @ 1.25GHz (turbo). The X560 have been tested up to 750W before failing! Over engineered you say? LOL… So a puny CPU / GPU overclock is nothing even for a lowly 560W unit. Even under load, the fan barely starts . It’s totally silent 99% of the time!

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  • The Platinum Series features a high-tech LLC/full-bridge circuit topology with a unique integrated DC Connector Panel with an embedded Voltage Regulator Module.

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