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SilverStone Zeus ZM1350W PSU Review

Due to the shape of the SilverStone Zeus ZM1350W power supply, they have adopted a 80mm Sunon PF80251B3-0000-A99 which is rated to spin at up to 4,200 rpm while producing 54cfm. This is a double ball bearing fan (12v, 2.7W) and is likely to be quite loud at higher speeds, especially given the small size.
This is a Seventeam OEM design. The main PCB is long and there are two very large heatsinks installed on either side. The design uses a full bridge topology on the primary side. There is synchronous rectification for the +12V rail with two DC-DC converters for production of the minor rails on the secondary side. Build quality is acceptable in parts, although not close to the level of Seasonic.
Behind the AC Receptacle is a PCB which houses a mains fuse, two Y caps, a single X Cap and a CM choke. On the main PCB are another X cap, two Y Caps, an MOV and two CM chokes. Primary capacitors are supplied by Hitachi rated at 560 μF each (1120 μF combined) 400V @ 105c. We noticed that two smaller chokes are used, possibly due to physical spacing restrictions.
The 12+v rail is predominately filtered by Lelon. We noticed soldering quality was not great, especially on the modular PCB.
Taking a look up closer we can see that some of the wires are naked close to the connectors. Not often we see this on such a high end power supply.

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