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XFX Pro Series 450w and 550w Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.5.

Last year KitGuru reviewed all three of the new XFX Pro Series family, the 850W, the 750W and the 650W. We found them all to be great power supplies capable of solid power delivery at very competitive prices. Today we review the two latest members of the Pro Series family, the 450W and 550W units.

The XFX Pro Series 450W and 550W supplies are released to target the mainstream audience. Those people who don’t demand high levels of power output. These would also be ideal as a low cost supply for a quality media center.

Both supplies are 80 Plus Bronze Certified units with rated efficiency of 85%, meaning that only 15% of the power drawn from the outlet is lost. XFX are also keen to highlight that some manufacturers are misleading the public with dubious, inflated wattage ratings.

EasyRail Technology is a key focal point for XFX with a slogan of ‘one rail, one setup’. We know that Seasonic are the manufacturer behind this design so we have high hopes for a quality power supply today. XFX are giving a full five year warranty with each power supply. European customers simply have to register their product on www.xfxforce.co.uk to upgrade the standard 3 year warranty to the full 5 year plan.

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