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XFX Pro Series 850W Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.5.

Over recent weeks we have reviewed the XFX Pro Series 650w and 750W power supplies and today we finish our series of reviews by looking at the highest wattage version in the non modular Pro series – the 850W model.

The Pro Series power supplies are designed to be cost effective, quality units for the enthusiast who doesn’t want to spend significantly more for 80 Plus Gold efficiency. Being 80 Plus Bronze certified, they still offer high levels of efficiency while remaining affordable. The 850W model on test today is only £90 inc vat right now in the UK.

EasyRail Technology is a key focal point for XFX with a slogan of ‘one rail, one setup’. We know that Seasonic are the manufacturer behind this design so we have high hopes for a quality power supply today. XFX are giving a full five year warranty with each power supply. European customers simply have to register their product on www.xfxforce.co.uk to upgrade the standard 3 year warranty to the full 5 year plan.

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  • Sam

    This is the one I want, seems great value for under £100.

  • Tech Head

    Ah at last 🙂 looks to be just as good as the others, with a little more headroom for futureproofing. l;ets hope 6000 series cards arent like fermi design !

  • Tim

    Seasonic have done well for XFX with this range. the price is spot on.

  • Frank Jones

    I was waiting on the review for this one, just in case it was a poor unit. It would be my luck to get the one that sucked.

    Glad to see it doesn’t. going to order one this weekend.

  • John

    Best value of the three of them. good efficiency, great ripple. and 90 quid. cant beat that for an all round product.

  • Terry

    Most 850w are over 100, so in t hat point alone its great value. no real faults, apart from the fact you could maybe get one with lower noise for a little extra. not sure that would matter. most gamers only have systems under 500w load anyway, would be hovering around 50% load which is ideal for the best results.

  • Tech Head

    You probably find most gamers are under 400w maybe even nearer to 300w. even today.

  • Stefan

    Yeah, its a good point, most gamers only use a 5770 or similar. so nearer 300w is probably more accurate under load. but I agree, 850W seems the best value of the three of their units. its still under 100 quid and its got bags of power for next generation or later.

  • Kern

    Seasonic have created some marvellous products here. those ripple results are so low, extremely impressive.

  • Francis

    Ordered two from Scan, shall keep one for a christmas present for my bro.