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Maplins release Oscilloscope for £89.99: from 17th August

Are you often found repairing your own electronic equipment? Are you an electronics enthusiast, but could never afford to spend several hundred pounds on an oscilloscope? If so, you will benefit from the Handheld 10MHz Oscilloscope from Maplin that wont break the bank.

Retailing at £89.99 this is the first sub £100 Oscilloscope in years! The handheld device operates a bandwidth up to 10MHz  and has a sensitivity down to 0.1mV. This device is extremely portable, with a USB battery charger included, direct audio power measurement and memory hold function, making it perfect for engineers, technicians, students or anyone working in electronics and communications at a component or equipment installation level.

Proving invaluable at quickly identifying misbehaving circuits effectively, this handy device examines signal waveforms, observes distortion or ringing, compares levels in AC or audio circuits and checks alternator ground paths.

This oscilloscope packs a lot of power in a tiny box and is truly a useful gadget for the home, workshop, lab and virtually just about anywhere.

The Handheld 10MHz Oscilloscope (product code N55JN) will be available from Maplin at a price of only £89.99 shortly, through its network of over 190 stores across the UK and Ireland.  Shoppers can also buy online at www.maplin.co.uk or call 0844 557 6000 to purchase via mail order from the Maplin catalogue.

The price will drop on the 17th August to £89.99 (currently it retails for £129.99). You can see the product page here.

Source: Press release

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