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Up close and personal with Chillblast systems

Trusting your preferred system builder and component manufacturers means that many of us will never see the computer we buy, before we buy it. Major LAN events give you a great chance to get hands-on, so that’s what KitGuru did with Ben Miles from Chillblast. We’ve had Ben in the KitGuru …

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High street price confusion on hard drives

While major online retailers like Aria move stock around very quickly, some high street stores can be left with several generations of product – sitting on their shelves – side by side. This kind of stock challenge can lead to some rather bizarre offers. KitGuru braves the snow to cycle …

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Will mSATA be a giant killer in the PC space?

One of the main reasons people carry on using desktops, is that notebooks are not powerful or responsive enough when the workload gets serious. Moves in the SSD space by companies like AData, could help sound the death bell for desktop PCs. KitGuru picks up a magnifying glass and goes …

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Maplins release Oscilloscope for £89.99: from 17th August

Are you often found repairing your own electronic equipment? Are you an electronics enthusiast, but could never afford to spend several hundred pounds on an oscilloscope? If so, you will benefit from the Handheld 10MHz Oscilloscope from Maplin that wont break the bank. Retailing at £89.99 this is the first …

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