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Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speakers featuring Asus Xonar Essence STX Review

The satellite speakers are tiny when compared to the subwoofer. They each feature two drivers and are rated around 50W each (40 watt midrange amplifiers and 10 watt tweeter amplifiers). The appearance is rather stylish, with blue drivers standing out against the plain black plastic and metal surroundings. These include ferrofluid cooled silk diaphragm tweeters.

The satellites are attached to the subwoofer via colour coded ATX cables, these are keyed to ensure a correct fit. These are biamped for improved sound quality.

Corsair have supplied little rubber grip held stands which can be placed either under the front of the speaker to fire the sound slightly upwards, or at the rear of the speaker to fire it slightly downwards. This can help to create a better soundstage, especially if the speakers are positioned very close to the listener.

Overall, the SP2500 is rated to 232W RMS and Corsair are using the standard rating by the Federal Trade Commission (rule 39 FR 15387) which requires accurate levels of power with minimal distortion. When analysing the specifications, the SP2500 speakers can be used at maximum volume for 48 hours solid, although we are pretty sure the neighbourhood might be lodging a few noise related complaints a short time into the ‘test run’.

The remote control features a full colour display and feels great in the hand. The buttons feel strong and give sensory feedback to enhance the experience. The navigation wheel has a tactile feel while offering a little bit of weight between the fingers, this is also pushed down to issue commands.

The setup menu offers language options, as well as a ‘day’ and ‘night’ colour mode and a back light time out setting.

The full colour display offers full control over the volume, sound IQ settings and subwoofer volume level. There are a plethora of program and equaliser settings to fine tune the speaker system to suit personal tastes and desires. The subwoofer can be disabled completely from the remote, but with the reduction in sound quality and depth we can’t see this being used.

The ‘Late Night’ mode is particularly useful, as it mutes the bass response from the subwoofer and directs it to the satellites – it also applies dynamic range compression to help prevent any sudden volume changes. Mod X is another interesting mode which reduces the high end output

The controller also allows for headphones to be connected, as well as an auxiliary input which will prove handy to many people. No fumbling around the back of the subwoofer to hook up your iPod. There is also a USB connector on the control pod which may be used in the future for firmware updates. This is not used otherwise and Corsair have yet to announce any firmware updates, but it is good that the option is there, if they wish to use it.

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