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Apple’s latest Macbook Pro crashing: overheating problems

Apple are in the middle of another batch of customer complaints as reports filter in that their new range of the ultra slim Macbook Pro is overheating and crashing.

Both 15 inch and 17 inch machines apparently have the problem, with machines crashing under heavy load. Some users are even saying that their complaints on the Apple forums are being deleted.

One of the users says “Got my new 17″ i7 last week. I have had 5 freezes so far, mouse moves for a few seconds then nothing until it comes back 10 minutes later. I hope they release a fix soon… spending $3,000 for a non-usable laptop is frustrating!”

Another user complains “The other day my Win7 appeared to freeze up. After waiting 10 minutes I hard-rebooted the computer. I was surprised to see in the Windows log, that the system had logged everything while the computer appeared frozen… as if it continued to run in the background.”

A previous Apple machine which had caught fire

Users are also complaining that Apple don’t place their machines under strenuous heat testing:

RMA issued today. Sending my machine back for a full refund. I’m going to wait until they figure this out before handing over my money.

What is beyond hilarious it would have taken one person a day to reveal all of this to Apple before the thing was released. I wonder if their QA department only checks iCal and Mac Mail?”

KitGuru says: Is this another disaster for Apple, or perhaps a series of isolated incidents? You can check out one of the complaint threads over here

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