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SSD prices drop as new tech beckons

Recent discussions with memory manufacturers indicate that there will be more innovation in the Solid State Drive market place in the first half of 2015. None of us know exactly when those improvements will happen, but price drops are normally a good indicator – as older product is cleared from the channel ahead of the ‘cool new stuff'. KitGuru scans the reseller pages for clues.

When KitGuru reported on a strong price push from SSD manufacturers a couple of years ago, SanDisk and Kingston were among the earliest to push out special offers – on their older products. We then hit an extended period of relative stability. Indeed, the price of many SSDs actually jumped through the end of 2012 and through to mid-2014 – when a lot of improvements to the underlying technology were released.

Following the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Boxing Day offers, we're now seeing stores like eBuyer push through price drops in the order of 10% on 120GB Kingston SSDNow V300 drives (£42), 128GB SanDisk Pulse drives (£44) and 128GB SK hynix SH910A drives (£45).

Overclockers have some interesting pricing on 240/256GB drives, including SK hynix at £85 and Crucial MX100 at £87. For those of you looking at big SSDs, then the 480GB OCZ Arc 100 is at £175 from OcUK and they are also carrying the Crucial M500 at £180. Lastly, the chaps over at Dabs seem to have obtained a serious deal from Samsung, with its 1TB EVO 840 drive at just £299.

That's quite a lot of bargains, so should we be expecting an evolution on the SSD production lines over the next 90 days or so?  Time will tell. Against this backdrop, it's shocking that so many laptop still ship with scarily slow 5400rpm mechanical disks.

Roll on the next advances, that's what we say.


KitGuru says: When Intel launched its X25-M drives back in 2008, enthusiasts thought the £520 price point was reasonable (hoping that it would drop below the £400 level at some stage). We're now in a world where 1TB SSD is just under £300 and there will be many more deals to follow as new SSD-related technologies enter the market in 2015.

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